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Optimizing floor prices using Artificial Intelligence

Advelvet provides AI based ad revenue maximization for Google Ad Manager (AdX) publishers. Our system learns and sets prices in a fluctuating exchange world where constant human intervention is impossible.

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Revenue Boost

Advelvet provides AI based ad tech revenue maximization for content publishers. We do this by analyzing, learning and setting different floor prices for your Google Ad Manager (AdX). Our platform boosts revenues more than 70%.

Seller Side Automation

Advertisers already use advanced and automated technologies to get the best prices to show their ads on your page. Now there is a way to fight back, where you get your own AI based automation.

Keep monetizing using your AdX

You only select which ad units to optimize and just sit back. Advelvet connects to your Doubleclick Ad Exchange, gets your reports and starts analyzing and setting optimum floor prices for different segments. This is a continuous process and is fully automated. You always have the option to stop or start any ad unit of your choosing. Advelvet optimizes your AdX so your revenue gets the boost.

Yield Management

Yield management is one of the effective ways to increase your revenues. We highly specialize in yield managing Google Ad Manager (AdX), by automating the process of setting floor prices using intelligence far beyond manual optimization.

Header Bidding

You might have header bidding implemented on your site and think that Header Bidding is the ultimate yield management for AdX. Whereas by setting floor prices, we are complementing header bidding and making more inventory available for it.

Machine vs Machine

It’s impossible for a human being to effectively optimize floor prices without constantly analyzing and updating floor prices 24/7 365 days a year. You need a team to segment, test, analyze and set prices every single day.Failure to do this results in you (publisher or NPM) leaving money on the table. So much money in fact! Our system uses advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to optimize your revenues.

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We are ad tech veterans that have a collective experience of more than 75 years. We have been on the publisher side so we understand how and what it requires to be one. Our deep knowledge in ad tech drives us for better results for publishers.

After realizing that setting floor prices manually was impractical and made us lose a lot of money, we decided to build this system for ourselves. Upon completing the first version, we came to the conclusion that every single publisher and NPM that uses Google AdX needs this floor price optimization tool.

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